Milling Machine Capabilities

  • Load material into dump trucks from front of machine
  • Mill without loading material into dump trucks (mill and let lay)
  • Mill up to a depth of 12"
  • All Wirtgen 210 machines and Wirtgen 200 Side-Shifting machine are equipped with Multiplex grade control system
  • All machines are equipped with automatic depth, grade, and slope control

Wirtgen 120

Our 2 Wirtgen 120s feature a 48" rear drum, which is meant for tighter spots, whether that be in a parking lot or getting close to valve boxes, manholes, etc. on roadways. A benefit of having a rear drum, is that there will be less trim work for Skid Steers.

Wirtgen 150

Our 2 Wirtgen 150s feature either a 24", 36", or 48" interchangeable drum. There is a fee for having to change the drum to a different size.

Wirtgen 200 60″ Drum

We currently have 1 in our fleet.

Wirtgen 200 83″ Side Shifting Drum

Our only Wirtgen 200 with an 83" side shifting drum (left or right) is meant for milling along barriers from the left side of the machine. This benefits those who have projects that require a machine to be tight against Jersey barriers particularly on divided highways.

Wirtgen 210 87" Micro-Mill

Our only Wirtgen 210 with an 87" drum is equipped with diamond teeth (not for diamond grinding) that has a 5/16" tooth spacing, which meets PennDOT's micro-mill specifications.

Reasons for Micro-Milling

  • Prevents hydroplaning
  • Provides traction and skid resistance
  • Profile humps from "shoved" material at stop signs and traffic lights
  • Profile rutting of asphalt

Wirtgen 210 87″ Non-Micro-Mill

These are our largest machines, and we currently have 5 in our fleet.

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